The Michael G. Belz Foundation (MGBF), is named after Michael G. Belz who was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor at the age of 27. Michael did not know how long he would live or the quality of life he would have after diagnosis. Therefore, it was important for him to live as normal a life as possible amidst treatments, surgeries, and medical appointments. Michael lived life to the fullest while continuing to maintain hope for tomorrow!

The Michael G. Belz Foundation was established on December 29th 2009, upon Michael’s death, with the mission of providing H.O.P.E. to Brain Tumor and Brain Cancer patients, caregivers, and family members. Each letter of the acronym, H.O.P.E., represents an element of our mission…offering H.O.P.E. to those impacted by brain tumors and brain cancer by;

Helping to live and celebrate life after diagnosis
Offering emotional support
Providing resources
Education that promotes a global awareness of research and treatments

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