Our History

 We are not medical professionals that have started this foundation; we are a family. A family that has been impacted by and has lost a loved one to brain cancer. Through creating this foundation we hope to help many others who are either diagnosed with this disease, caring for someone with this disease or loving someone with this disease.Through our journey in loving and caring for Mike, we have learned things that may be helpful to other families, patients and caregivers. In sharing our stories, resources and through establishing the Michael G. Belz Foundation we hope we are able to help at least one person or family.

Our parents have been beyond supportive and loving through this journey and played an integral part in the establishment of the foundation. We have focused on the siblings of Mike and Mary as the generation to form the foundation. It is our intentions for the Michael G. Belz Foundationto be well-established and successful so that Mike’s nieces and nephews may continue to run the foundation in years to come!

To learn more please read Michael’s Story and about us!

Family Testimonies:
Mary Belz
Greg and Eileen Belz

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