The Michael G. Belz Foundation (MGBF) offers H.O.P.E. and support to brain tumor/brain cancer patients, caregivers and their families virtually and face-to-face!

Connect with other Patients or Caregivers online via MGBF’s Facebook Groups. Groups are separated and posts are private. (They will not show on your FB wall).

To join;

  1. Log-in to Facebook
  2. Search for one of the following groups:
    MGBF Patients
    MGBF Caregivers
  3. Request permission to join

Apply for the Michael G. Belz Foundation H.O.P.E. Grant to receive financial assistance to live and celebrate life! Read stories of grant recipients.

Check-out the resources provided…lots of great books, websites and more!


If you have additional ideas or suggestions please contact MGBF!

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